…I am a centrist

So what is a “centrist”? Is it someone that’s refuses to commit to an orthodoxy? Well that much is true. Is it someone that is unwilling to take a stand? No, that is probably far from the truth. Is it “moderate liberalism”? “Moderate conservatism”? No and no. There’s an enormous difference a “moderate” and a “centrist”. I will get to that momentarily. But allow me to first explain what a “centrist”–or rather what “centrism” is.

Centrism is an approach, not an ideology. Some centrists out there that wish to espouse centrism as an ideology, but I disagree. Centrism is about putting forth ideas and solutions because it is the right thing to do. It shouldn’t lead to orthodoxy. The world is too dynamic for it.

Now, I’m well aware that’s subjective. But this subjectivity is rooted in empirical analysis, applied science, and the pursuit of human rights; not in partisan orthodoxy. The position on said idea and/or solution is taken because it holds up on its own merit, based upon the facts and reality — with appropriate context.

When we submit to a rigid worldview, we lose. We limit our understanding of the world. Instead of building bridges, we draw lines. Instead of tearing down walls, we erect them. We want to confirm our views, not challenge them. It leads to dishonest (and destructive) discourse.

The centrist approach is all-encompassing. There are lessons to be learned and lessons to be taught. Facts to be researched and discoveries to be made. Today, it is the partisan activists doing the talking — too much of it. Those that are not on the polar ends of the spectrum saying too little.

And hence, why I started this blog.

I decided to stop being quiet. I’ve never really been quiet — you can see it on some of my Facebook posts on my personal profile. I did have a Medium blog that almost no one read, ever. But I am amplifying my efforts to spread facts, reason, and humanity in what will possibly be the most consequential two year period in history. And no, that is not an exaggeration.

This is a blog that will try to appeal to your mind. To your ability to reason. To hopefully make you open your eyes to the world that exists outside of your echo chamber and comfort zone. I hope to make you uncomfortable while at the same time enlighten you.

I will aggressively write in defense of human and civil rights. Socioeconomic issues will be presented from a neutral, fact-based point of view. Secular humanism will be a central tenet of this blog.

There is a caveat, however.

I’ll admit that I largely vote for Democrats and donate to Democratic candidates. I can count on two hands the number of Republicans I have legitimate praise for.  That’s not an issue of my own personal politics. Rather, it is an issue of how I see both parties at this time. I have significant gripes with both parties; but right now one party appeals to this country’s best traits while other has clearly got in bed with this its worst impulses. Nevertheless, I will criticize Democrats and praise Republicans when its deserved.

However, you’ll never see me label myself as a “liberal” or “progressive”, much less a “libertarian” or a “conservative”. I’ve been called all those labels at least once in my life. Unfortunately, political labels come with expectations that exacerbates problems more than they solve. Once you throw a label out there, ears close.

It’s counterproductive as hell.

Regardless, this is still a centrist blog.

I separate ideological orthodoxy from political parties. It’s consistently inconsistent and our society’s penchant to connect ideology and political party is an exercise in foolishness. I don’t consider myself a part of a political tribe.

The view I give you will be a view right from the center.